Made for heavy-duty work

WILDHORN 40 – Electric pruning shears.

Just one hand needed !

GELBHORN 150 – Pruning shears, automatic opening.

Made with and for Nature Crafters


Born in Switzerland

ALPEN loves Nature

  • Excellence leads us

    Born in Switzerland and built on its values: excellence, commitment and balance

  • Respect for Nature

    Nature has forged us, we are its crafters and protectors

  • Proud as a Mountain

    Our tools are efficient: the best at the best price

Born in the Swiss Alps' heart, the Alpen brand provides solid, functional, and reliable tools to professionals and home gardeners.

  • Mission 1: Respecting the Elements of Nature

    Our brand was born in the heart of the Alps. We are committed to Swiss values and respect the power of the elements of nature. We are the craftsmen of nature, and ALPEN's work is to provide them with the tools to shape this natural beauty. Our mission is to promote and embody respect for nature through our tools. We encourage our customers to adopt sustainable gardening methods, to observe nature, recognize biodiversity, and to responsibly utilize natural resources. By working together, we contribute to preserving the beauty and health of the nature that surrounds us.

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  • Mission 2: Equipping You Sustainably

    To create the ALPEN range, we drew inspiration from the pragmatism of mountaineers. Like them, we believe in the importance of spending at a fair price, preserving, and taking care of the objects that accompany us in our daily lives. Our mission is to create durable and quality gardening tools designed to withstand the rigors of the mountains and outdoor activities. We encourage our customers to invest in carefully crafted products, maintain them properly, and replace worn-out parts when necessary, without replacing the entire tool. By adopting this pragmatic approach, we value objects and cultivate a sustainable relationship with our environment.

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  • Mission 3:  The Pride of Transmission

    At ALPEN, we take pride in the knowledge and expertise passed down by our elders. Our mission is to preserve and transmit this heritage. We are committed to creating gardening tools that blend the legacy of the past with technical innovation. By collaborating with the top experts in the field of cutting tools, we preserve traditional techniques and craftsmanship while adapting them to contemporary needs and requirements. We take pride in sharing this knowledge with our customers by offering them superior quality products and expert advice. Embracing the pride of transmission, we honor our roots and contribute to the preservation of a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

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Great model! And Swiss quality on top of that!


Impressed by the quality and sharpness of the hedge trimmer blade!


Practical and lightweight: I highly recommend the Gelbhorn pruner.


Finally, a cordless pruner that can be used all day long.


I love the black leather holster.


Light enough to be worn all day, yet super efficient: I've adopted the Wildhorn!