Behind the Scenes of an Inspiring Film - The Making of Alpen

Behind the Scenes of an Inspiring Film - The Making of Alpen

Discover the secrets and emotions that fueled the filming of the Alpen film, a true ode to nature, the pride of men, and mountain pragmatism. Dive into the behind-the-scenes of this captivating cinematic production and explore the majestic landscapes of the Alps that served as the backdrop for this visual masterpiece.

The ALPEN film is much more than just an advertisement for a new brand. It aspires to convey deep values, celebrate the beauty of nature, and pay homage to the pride of men who maintain a strong connection with the spirit of the mountains. The making of the film allows us to understand the passionate commitment of the directors, actors, and entire production team who worked hand in hand to create this unique cinematic experience.


The filming took place in the spring in the Alps, offering a breathtaking natural setting to showcase the majestic landscapes and living elements of nature. Close-up shots of rocks, wood, and clouds bring these elements to life, presenting them as living and powerful forces. Each scene was meticulously designed to capture the magic of the forest and the enchanting atmosphere that reigns in the mountains.


The story of the film revolves around a grandfather and his grandson who venture into a forest in the heart of the mountains. This journey becomes an initiation, a communion with nature. However, an essential protagonist is the pruning shears used by the grandfather, symbolizing the connection between humans and nature, a meeting of matter and soul.

The making of the film reveals the challenges the production team had to overcome to capture these magical moments. From image technicians to actors, each person dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to convey the essence of the Alpen brand. The directors ensured that every detail was perfect, from lighting to camera movements, in order to create an unforgettable visual experience.

The poetic and evocative voiceover transports viewers to the heart of nature, inviting them to feel the raw strength of the mountains and to open their senses to the wonders that surround them. The words resonate deeply and guide the audience in introspection and a connection with nature.

Through this film, Alpen seeks to establish itself in its legitimacy by conveying timeless values of respect and pride. Although the brand is relatively new, it draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and the heritage of the men who have been in its presence for generations.

With this film, ALPEN offers us a valuable glimpse into the passion and dedication that drove its creation. It allows us to delve into the behind-the-scenes of this extraordinary cinematic production and understand the profound motivations behind each shot and scene. Through breathtaking landscapes and poetic narratives, Alpen reminds us of the importance of respecting nature, transmitting our expertise, and embracing the pragmatic spirit of the mountains in our daily lives.