This page provides you with general warranty information for an Alpen brand product that you have purchased as an end user (consumer or professional). The specific terms of the warranty are determined by the dealer from whom you purchased the product.

Do I have a warranty on Alpen brand products?

Yes, the dealer from whom you purchase the product must have a warranty procedure in place for Alpen brand products. When you purchase an Alpen tool from a dealer, the dealer is responsible for handling your claims. When you purchase an Alpen brand tool directly from, Alpen will process your claims directly. 

In Europe, you have a legal guarantee, i.e. a guarantee provided by the law of the country in which you purchased the Alpen tool. This is especially the case in the European Union, the EEA countries or Switzerland. The legal warranty ensures that the Alpen tool is free of defects and that it performs the tasks and functions mentioned in the product description on the Alpen website. Further information on Alpen brand products, including technical information, is also available on the Alpen website. You can benefit from the legal warranty for the period of time provided by law, for example two years in the European Union. 

In other countries, retailers usually have a warranty system in place, which they inform you about when you purchase the tool. Ask your dealer about the terms of the warranty. 

For some Alpen brand products or components, Alpen provides a warranty that goes beyond the legal warranty. These warranties that go beyond the legal requirements are called manufacturer's warranties or commercial warranties. 

Who do I contact to receive warranty coverage for Alpen brand products?

You must contact the retailer or dealer who sold you the tool . It is the responsibility of the retailer or dealer to accept your warranty claim within the stated time period and to ensure that, if the tool is defective, it is repaired or replaced. The dealer will usually ask you for proof of purchase of the tool , such as an invoice or other document showing the date and place of purchase and the warranty you have been granted. The dealer will arrange for the repair or replacement of the tool in cooperation with Alpen and/or its service dealers.

If you are not satisfied with the merchant's response, contact us directly and we will guide you through the next steps.

Who do I contact if I purchased a tool from

In this case, you must contact Alpen directly at the address indicated in the order confirmation email or in the general sales conditions. 

For sales in Switzerland: [contact Alpen SA].

For sales in [European countries]: [contact FELCO Europe GmbH or the dealer in charge]

For US sales: [contact PYGAR USA, Inc.]

For sales in Canada: [contact PYGAR Sales Canada Ltd .]

For sales in South Africa: (contact: FELCO Africa Pty)

What cases are covered by the legal warranty?

The warranty generally covers manufacturing defects in the tool. The precise terms of the legal warranty are determined in the terms and conditions of the dealer or the Alpen website where you purchased the Alpen tool.  

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not cover damage to the tool caused by improper use of the product. Contact the dealer or Alpen directly for more information about your tool and why the tool is not working properly. 

In particular, the warranty does not apply to:

  • in the event of abnormal, inappropriate or improper use of the product, improper handling, intervention on the product, improper storage or transport; 
  • in case of failure to maintain and service the product in accordance with the instructions described in the product's user manual;
  • in the event of incorrect intervention, repair or maintenance, including the use of non-original parts or accessories;
  • in case of corrosion of the metal parts of the product resulting from improper use, lack of maintenance, exposure to moisture or chemical or corrosive substances; 
  • in case of use of parts or accessories of another origin or when the sold product will have been transformed or modified;
  • in case of total or partial destruction of the product not due to a defect or in case of damage resulting from an accident, natural disaster or fire.

What happens if the legal guarantee does not exist in my country?

Read the terms of sale of the dealer or retailer who sold you the Alpen brand tool and, if necessary, contact them first to find out if they offer a warranty and under what conditions. If you are not satisfied with the dealer's response, contact us directly and we will guide you through the next steps.

What happens if the merchant has excluded the legal warranty?

When the dealer has excluded the legal warranty for which he is responsible, he normally arranges for the defective product to be sent to an Alpen dealer in his country. Ask the dealer about the procedure to follow.

If the merchant refuses to process your complaint regarding an Alpen brand product, contact us directly and we will guide you through the following steps.

I am a merchant: what are the warranty conditions for Alpen products?

The warranty conditions for resellers are defined in the general sales conditions of Alpen, its subsidiaries or Alpen's general importers. Please refer to the terms and conditions you received from your importer or reseller when you ordered Alpen products. If you have any questions, please contact us.