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Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150

Drop forged bypass pruning shear

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Chrome plating
Makes the surface of the steel extremely hard and resistant. It reduces the frictions while increasing the lifetime of the blade. Also protects from corrosion and sap.
Chrome plating
Automatic opening
Just squeeze the handles to open automatically the pruning shear.
Automatic opening
Swissness Assembled in Switzerland
Professionals and savvy home gardeners will notice at first glance the Swiss precision in our Gelbhorn 150 pruning shears. Its fully chromed blade ensures a clean cut, up to 20 mm / 0.79 inches. Guaranteed corrosion-resistant, our tool is designed for outdoor work. Respect nature by choosing a long-lasting tool: sturdy, reliable, practical, and with interchangeable spare parts.

  • Drop Forged bypass pruning shears assembled and quality controlled in Switzerland
  • Weight 250 g / 0.55 lbs
  • Blade Length 63 mm / 2.48 inchesLength 207 mm / 8.15 inches
  • Easy opening system by squeezing the handles together
  • Drop forged aluminium with black anodized sandblasted finish
  • Yellow PVC grips (Phthalates free)
  • Blade : Japanese carbon steel with hard chrome plating / Alpen laser engraved logo
  • Counter blade: Japanese carbon steel with hard chrome plating / Sap groove
  • Lock : Zinc alloy with rust resistant black plating Spring: Spiral with rust resistant black coating


Taking care of your tools, replacing worn parts, and storing them properly is a simple way to work in harmony with your environment.
To get long lasting and optimal use of your tools, be sure to maintain them properly. Do this by sharpening the blade of your pruner as soon as it appears dull, clean it after use, and store it in a dry place. Also regularly oil your blade to keep it cutting smoothly.


How to sharpen the Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150?

We recommend using our Tambo 901 Carbide Sharpener for best results.

What materials can the Gelbhorn 150 cut through?

The Gelbhorn 150 can cut through green wood and most types of branches comfortably.

How to replace the blade on the pruning shear Gelbhorn 150?

Replacement is straightforward using our Spare Blade Kit Gelbhorn 150/1.

Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150
Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150
Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150
Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150
Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150
Pruning shear Gelbhorn 150
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Great model! And Swiss quality on top of that!


Impressed by the quality and sharpness of the hedge trimmer blade!


Practical and lightweight: I highly recommend the Gelbhorn pruner.


Finally, a cordless pruner that can be used all day long.


I love the black leather holster.


Light enough to be worn all day, yet super efficient: I've adopted the Wildhorn!