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Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40

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Professional HSS Titanium blade
HSS Titanium blade
Professional HSS Titanium blade
2 batteries & 3-way chargers included
2 batteries included with 3 way charger
2 batteries & 3-way chargers included
Weight 1345 g
Cutting size
Diameter of cut
Cutting size 40 mm

The Wildhorn 40 : our new electric pruning shears made for heavy-duty work. Designed to make your pruning tasks effortless and efficient, these shears offer a cutting diameter of up to 40mm, tackling even the toughest branches with ease.
The blade crafted by our partner Felco © is made of high-speed steel (HSS) and features a special Titanium coating, ensuring exceptional durability, longevity and clean cuts every time.
For a full day of work, 2 batteries are included (21.6V 2.6Ah and 21.6V 4.5Ah). Thanks to its 3-way charger, they can be simultaneously charged.
We've thought of everything you need for a seamless pruning experience : our pack includes essential maintenance tools, grease and its pump, and an extension cable for added versatility and flexibility. Need even more reach? Our extension pole is available as an optional accessory, allowing you to tackle high branches with confidence.


  • Swiss Made cutting head manufactured by FELCO: the best partners to provide you with excellence.
  • HSS (High Speed Steel) Titanium blade: A promise of enduring performance. Less sharpening required, quality cutting for longer.
  • Two batteries and a 3-way charger: For an uninterrupted workday and optimized charging
  • Extension cable included (1.5m)
  • Suitable storage case with 12 accessories
  • Extension pole available as accessory (Up to 2.1m)

Other features

  • Weight: 1345g (including battery)
  • Cutting diameter: 40mm  
  • Counter blade: Swiss carbon steel with sap resistance.  
  • Included holster, belt, and tool kit.
  • Semi or full opening mode
  • LCD screen for easy reading of tool and battery statistics  
  • Battery : Lithium-Ion

Content of the kit :

A Kit Pro Nomade

  • A holster for the pruning shears
  • A strong, comfortable belt
  • One Batteries pouch
  • A sturdy case 

A Max Autonomy Kit

  • 1x battery 21.6V, 2.6Ah
  • 1x battery 21.6V, 4.0Ah
  • 3-way charger
  • Extension cable included

    An integral Maintenance Kit
  • Sharpener
  • Lubricating pump
  • Grease tube
  • Allen key
  • 13 mm wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head sxrewdriver
  • Maintenance accessories storage pouch


Take care of your tools for optimal and long-lasting use. Clean the blade after use and store your tool in the provided storage case. It's also necessary to regularly oil your blade (oil included in the accessories).
Please refer to the user manual for more details.


How do I maintain my Wildhorn?

Maintain the cutting quality of your Wildhorn pruner using the special grease included in the set. Clean and store your pruner after each use in its designated case.

Is the blade replaceable?

Our blades are built to last. However, it's easy to replace your blade, in line with ALPEN's philosophy of tool durability.

How long does the battery last?

  • Battery21.6, 2.6Ah
    Autonomy : approx. 3h30
    Charging time : 2h30
  • Battery 21.6, 4.0Ah
    Autonomy : approx. 5h30
    Charging time : 4h
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
Electric pruning shear Wildhorn 40
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Great model! And Swiss quality on top of that!


Impressed by the quality and sharpness of the hedge trimmer blade!


Practical and lightweight: I highly recommend the Gelbhorn pruner.


Finally, a cordless pruner that can be used all day long.


I love the black leather holster.


Light enough to be worn all day, yet super efficient: I've adopted the Wildhorn!