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Spare parts kit Weisshorn 280/1

Spare blade kit

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Cutting size
Diameter of cut
Cutting size 40 mm

This Spare Parts Kit for the Weisshorn 280/1 Lopper contains anti-corrosion blades which provide a durable, weather-resistant cutting solution. Interchangeability ensures replacement is effortless and hassle-free. For a reliable spare parts solution, this Weisshorn 280/1 kit is the ideal choice.


  • Blade: Japanese SK5 high carbon steel / ALPEN logo laser engraved
  • Counter blade: S50C carbon steel
  • Handles: Aluminium handles with black color powder coating / ALPEN logo laser engraved
  • Rubber shock-absorbers


How do I install the spare parts kit Weisshorn 280/1?

Follow the instructions on our website.

Is the spare parts kit Weisshorn 280/1 compatible with other loppers?

This spare parts kit is designed specifically for the Lopper Weisshorn 280.

How often should I replace the blade?

Replace the blade when it becomes dull and sharpening no longer restores cutting efficiency.

Spare parts kit Weisshorn 280/1
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Great model! And Swiss quality on top of that!


Impressed by the quality and sharpness of the hedge trimmer blade!


Practical and lightweight: I highly recommend the Gelbhorn pruner.


Finally, a cordless pruner that can be used all day long.


I love the black leather holster.


Light enough to be worn all day, yet super efficient: I've adopted the Wildhorn!