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Spare blade Bernina 6195/1

Spare blade

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Cutting size
Diameter of cut
Cutting size 90 mm
Length of blade
Length of blade
Length of blade 195 mm
Chrome plating
Makes the surface of the steel extremely hard and resistant. It reduces the frictions while increasing the lifetime of the blade. Also protects from corrosion and sap.
Chrome plating
Impulse hardening
Improves drastically the cutting efficiency and lifespan of the teeth of the saw. The tips of the teeth are hardened at a very high temperature, while the remaining of the blade keeps it flexibility.Impulse hardened teeth cannot be sharpened
Impulse hardening

This quality replacement blade for the Bernina 6195 saw is a must-have for any toolkit. Chrome plating and impulse hardening increase the blade's strength and durability, while anti-corrosion ensures minimal wear and tear. Upgrade your saw today with a reliable and long-lasting spare blade.


  • Optimized tooth geometry for efficient cutting and chip removal
  • Easy blade adjustment and replacement


How do I install the spare blade Bernina 6195/1?

Follow the instructions on our website.

Is the Spare blade Bernina 6195/1 compatible with other saws?

This spare part is designed specifically for the Saw Bernina 6195.

How often should I replace the blade with spare blade Bernina 6195/1?

Replace the blade when it becomes dull and sharpening no longer restores cutting efficiency.

Spare blade Bernina 6195/1
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