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Sharpener Tambo 901

Carbide sharpener

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Weight 40 g
Length of the tool
Size of the tool
Length of the tool 112 mm
The Tambo 901 is practical and easy to use on all kinds of pruning tools to quickly maintain and regain a sharp cutting edge. Its lightweight aluminum structure is easy and comfortable to grip, while the carbide stone allows for fast sharpening of blade edges. It can fit easily into a pocket or onto a key chain with the convenient key chain hole, so you can always have it with you to keep your ALPEN tools sharp and ready for pruning.

  • Length: 112 mm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Casted aluminium and carbide stone
  • Hole for keyring


After use, clean your tools and accessories carefully and store them in a clean place.


How do I use the Sharpener Tambo 901 to maintain my tools?

Instructions for use are included with the product and available on our website.

How often should I use the Sharpener Tambo 901?

We recommend using the sharpener when your tools begin to lose their cutting edge.

Is the Sharpener Tambo 901 suitable for all types of blades?

Yes, the Tambo 901 is versatile and can sharpen all Alpen Swiss tools.

Sharpener Tambo 901
Sharpener Tambo 901
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Great model! And Swiss quality on top of that!


Impressed by the quality and sharpness of the hedge trimmer blade!


Practical and lightweight: I highly recommend the Gelbhorn pruner.


Finally, a cordless pruner that can be used all day long.


I love the black leather holster.


Light enough to be worn all day, yet super efficient: I've adopted the Wildhorn!